This is an overview of the programme of the European Publishing Congress.
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  • 09:30 - 09:35

  • 09:35

    Journalism in times of the pandemic
    Thomas Krüger, bpb
  • 09:45

    How print fits into a digital newsroom
    Alec Russel, Alan Smith und Kevin Wilson, FT Weekend
  • 10:00

    Outstanding concept and design
    Haika Hinze und Amélie Schneider, Die Zeit
  • 10:15

    No fairy tales: rethinking journalism
    Gabor Steingart, Media Pioneer
  • 10:30

    Telekom’s Podcast Hub
    Lina Brinkschulte, Deutsche Telekom
  • 10:50

    15 months in corona mode - a chance for media?
    Tilman Aretz, Nachrichtenmanufaktur GmbH
  • 11:05

  • 11:20

    Let’s go! On the happiness of “being on the road” together
    Marie-Luise Schebesta und Michaela Seide, Einfach los, Hubert Burda Media
  • 11:35

    What is Europe's best in class doing now?
    Sónia Matos, Público
  • 11:50

    Do not leave printed matter to the old
    Norbert Küpper
  • 12:10

    34 million data know the future of media
    Maria Hedengren, Readly
  • 12:40

    An exemplary creative newspaper
    Pieter Klok, de Volkskrant
  • 12:55

    Why it takes courage to succeed in the regional
    Michael Tillmann und Hans Peter Janisch, Fuldaer Zeitung
  • 13:10

  • 13:30

    The BMW Content Powerhouse
    Sandra Harzer-Kux, Territory
  • 13:45

    How a small team creates something impressive
    Jose Campinho und Eberhard Wolf, Contacto
  • 14:00

    Journalistic bridges to other media worlds
    Hans-Jörg Schmidt, Sarah Portner und Tom Gebhardt, Eurotopics
  • 14:30

    Digital Publishing without Google & Co.
    Michal Pur, INFO.CZ