European Magazine Award

The European Magazine Award welcomes media companies that create and market content-driven products, as well as their suppliers, service partners and service providers. The deadline for entries is October 28th (Early Bird) and February 03rd, 2022.


European Magazine
of the Year
The category awards a magazine/brand which is successful, proper and creative in a number of ways. Entries should include a brief description and a clear suggestion why it may become European Magazine of the Year. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
European Newcomer
of the Year
This category awards a magazine which was launched in the past three years. Please add a brief description and a clear suggestion why the magazine may become European Newcomer of the Year to your entry. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
Politics & Society
The most outstanding magazines in Europe dealing with political or social subjects. This category is also open for general interest magazines.

Most outstanding magazines which reveal subjects from the economy. Magazines related to dedicated industries may be submitted in B2B Media.

Most outstanding magazines with editorial focus on service topics – such as healthcare, education, careers, personal finance, parenting or recreation.

Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty
Most outstanding magazines on lifestyle content, like food and beverage, travel, home design, décor or gardening and others such as fashion, beauty, or style. The category is also open for magazines about entertainment and celebrities.
Special Interest
Most outstanding magazines dedicated to a specific subject, area of interest or niche topic like region, kind of sports, hobbies etc.
B2B Media
The category B2B-Media is for outstanding trade magazines in Europe which serve a specific industry or a certain profession.

This category is dedicated to independent magazines, published without the support of a major publisher.

Magazines which have been created during education and trainings should be entered in this category. Entries are free of charge here.
Best contemporary magazine design which supports the editorial approach and audience’s needs. Submissions should explain the design idea and include a minimum of two features from one issue or the whole issue itself.
Outstanding photography, no matter if it is a single picture or a whole series. The picture(s) can be of any kind and must have been published in a magazine. Entries should include the whole story or feature to illustrate the context and subject.
Best use of infographic to reveal magazine content, be it part of a story or a stand-alone piece of infographic. Submissions should include a brief description of the subject and context – and, if appropriate, also the challenge in visualizing the topic.
Cover Concept
The category awards visual concepts of cover page design. Please describe the underlying creative principles and submit an appropriate number of cover examples.

Cover One-shot
Outstanding cover that has been published, reflecting perfect collaboration by editors, design and distribution in order to sell the cover story or enhance reading experience. An entry consists of one cover only; however, there is no limitation to the number of entries.
Business Model
Consequent strategies for increasing profits or defending revenues of a brand. This may be by sharpening the approach to readers/advertisers, introducing digital offers, inventing new formats (e.g. events) etc. Challenges, goals and the outcome should be described.
Business Innovation
New ideas in publishing which may serve as an example for the magazine industry. Please describe challenges, goals, idea and, if possible, outcome.

Alternative Revenues
New sources of revenue linked to the core magazine publishing business. Please describe why a model has been chosen and what the outcome is.

Audience Marketing
The category is dedicated to innovative and successful concepts of audience marketing for an existing magazine brand, launch or spin-off. Marketing goals, the campaign’s mechanism and methods as well as the results should be described.
Distribution/ Paid Content
The category is open for any approach to make the audience pay for published content. This can be in print, digital or a combination of both.

Organization & Collaboration
Meeting the demands of (magazine) publishing by establishing new ways of work, processes and/or collaboration. The focus should be on one magazine or brand per entry only – including the principles of the approach as well as the results of the model.


Markus Wiegand


kress pro

Andreas Arntzen


Wort & Bild Verlag

Babara Haas

Deputy editor

Styria Medienhaus Lifestyle

Martin Schumacher

Managing Director

kicker business solutions

Maria Hedengren



Philipp Jacke

Director of Division Media Distribution

MELO Group

Kerstin Hasse

Deputy editor-in-chief


Melanie Amann

Member of the editorial board

Der Spiegel

Ingo Klinge

CEO Publishing Germany

Heinreich Bauer Verlag

Gerald Grünberger


Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen

Philipp Welte

Board of Directors

Hubert Burda Media

Ulrik Haagerup

Founder and CEO

Constructive Institute, Aarhus Univercity

Stefan Regez

Head of Public Magazines

Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz

Slobodan Sibincic

Secretary General

European Business Press


The entry fee is EUR 390 for each media brand and award section. A media brand may consist of different media products operating under the same brand and publishing responsibility. Award sections are European Magazine Award, European Digital Publishing Award and European Corporate Media Award.
For all submissions completed by October 28th, 2021, this entry fee will be reduced to EUR 290 per brand and section. All prices excl. VAT.
Early Bird: 28-10-2021,11.59 pm (EUR 100 off per brand and section)
Deadline: 03-02-2022, 11.59 pm
Submissions will only be made digitally and in English using our submission tool. After pre-selection, the finalists will be asked, if appropriate, to send haptic copies. Participants create a profile in the tool without obligation. Submissions can be saved as drafts and processed until they are sent. The corresponding submission fees will only be charged after submission. You can make as many submissions as you like and submit them in different categories. Unless otherwise mentioned in the category descriptions, a submission always refers to an object, i.e. a copy of a magazine label.
Entries can be submitted in multiple categories. The jury is allowed to move entries to other categories. The winners will be notified after the jury session in March 2022, but external communication will start after the awards show at the European Newspaper Congress. The jury’s decisions are final. The jury is allowed without further explanatory statement to disqualify entries which are formal incorrect or entries with missing data. By submitting your entry, you accept that your data will be proceeded electronically in the course of the judging process and filed in a database containing of selected entries. In case an entry gets nominated or awarded, the abstract and a selection of the submitted pictures will be published. Within your entry, you can highlight certain statements or data as “confidential” in the sense of “nor for publishing”.


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