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Media Innovation Lab 2024

How media houses design and implement innovative projects together with external service providers.


New paths in the publishing world with AI and without a print edition

Discover how the Hamburger Morgenpost (Mopo) is mastering the digital transformation with Purple. In our presentation, we will highlight the transformative journey of Mopo, which is setting new standards in publishing through the use of AI technologies and the bold step away from the daily print edition. You will gain insights into the efficient AI-powered workflows that enable Mopo to publish content faster, more accurately and in a more targeted way on its website and in its app.
This presentation offers you exclusive insights into how Mopo is shaping the transition from the print era to a digital-first approach. Learn how Purple's innovative tools are being used to meet the challenges in the publishing industry. Don't miss the opportunity to learn first-hand how digital transformation is being reshaped with creativity and technology.

Stephan Heck, Founder and Managing Director Purple
Arist von Harpe, Managing Director Hamburger Morgenpost

DER STANDARD: Digital asset management as a universal content backbone

Comyan has been accompanying the media house DER STANDARD on its digital journey since 1995. As a pioneer in the field of digital asset management (DAM), Comyan has not only broken down barriers, but also increased the productivity of the team of DER STANDARD.
The "content backbone" enables seamless integrations, whether introducing new technologies or changing CMS systems. Comyan always remains the central DAM, with which existing content can continue to be used easily and without loss.
Mario Naito from DER STANDARD and Peter Resele explain the role of Comyan in the automated transformation of content from the editorial CMS into the AI-supported print production system. Whether for research or production, Comyan is an indispensable companion for editorial and media design. The entire content process (agencies, digital, print) is always easy to track during and after the publication process.

Mario Naito, IT-Manager, Der Standard
Peter Resele, CEO, COMYAN GmbH

Increased efficiency through automated content playout and page production

Artur Burgardt, Managing Partner, and Tim Schreier, Transformation Manager Director, at CORE show how efficiency can be increased through technological options for automated content playout and page production. They will shed light on the underlying process model and explain which technical, process-related and organisational optimisations need to be taken into account.

Artur Burgardt, Managing Partner, CORE
Tim Schreier, Transformation Manager Director, CORE

More topics and speakers are soon to follow...