European Digital Publishing Award

The European Digital Publishing Award welcomes media companies that create and market content-driven products, as well as their suppliers, service partners and service providers. The awarding ceremony will take place at the European Publishing Congress late April 2020 in Vienna.
The deadline for entries is October 2nd, 2019 (Late Deadline: October 17th, 2019).


European Publishing Platform of the Year /
Digital Publisher of the Year
The category awards a digital platform/brand which is successful, proper and creative in a number of ways – and the publisher behind it. Entries should include a brief description and a clear suggestion why it may become European Digital Platform of the Year. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
European Start-up
of the Year

This category awards a digital platform or brand which was launched in the past 3 years. A brief description and a clear suggestion why the platform may become European Newcomer of the Year to your entry should be added to the submission. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
Digital Storytelling
This categorie is for outstanding stories or columns or bunches of those (e.g. dossier) which make best use of digital characteristic or features from an editorial point of view.

Editorial Concept
Most creative approaches in terms of content and style of a digital publishing platform, no matter if stand-alone or part of a brand. Editorial principals should be described, including topics and why the concept worked.
Product & Usability
Digital publishing at its best: Showcasing excellent and user-centric publishing products which support the underlying editorial strategy and business approach.

Cross Media Approach
The category "Cross Media Approach" awards stunning digital media which create a perfect match with an (existing or new) non-digital product.

Best of mobile content visualization in terms of design, features, performance, usability. The category is open for mobile-only applications as well as mobile versions of desktop media.
Business Model
Driving a digital platform’s revenues on the basis of a deliberate, consequent strategy. Please describe the business model and how it interacts with audience and clients.

Audience Marketing
This categorie is for successful methods and campaigns for attracting users to a digital platform. Please describe challenges and results.

Social Media Strategy
Deliberate and successful use of Social Media to promote a digital platform or brand. Please describe challenges/goals, mechanism and outcome.

The category focusses on tools which support digital publishing products – like Targeting, Analytics, CMS, Payment etc.

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The Winners 2019



Jochen Wegner


Zeit Online

Magdalena Balanicka

Board Member

Forum Media Polska

Dominik Grau

Managing Director

Beuth Verlag

Hege Yli Melhus Ask

Group CEO

NHST Media Group

Tobias Köhler

Head of Strategy and Innovation


Thomas Hofbauer

Head of Media / Digital

Salzburger Nachrichten

Nora Beckershaus

Chief Innovation Officer


Jan-Eric Peters

CEO / Editor-in-chief


Carsten Erdmann



Niddal Salah-Eldin

Deputy Editor


Daniel Torka


NPG digital

Anders Heering

CEO and Editor-in-chief


Martin Zimper

Head of Audiovisual Media

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Astrid Deilmann

Head of Digital Communication

WWF Deutschland

Florian Harms



Marc Bartl


Sebastian Vesper


Medienfachverlag Oberauer

Tilman Aretz

Managing Director

Nachrichtenmanufaktur /

Sylkia Cartagena

Editorial Director


Michela Colamussi

Marketing Director Digital Product and Video

Christoph Sieder

Head of Corporate Communications


Nina Zimmermann

Chief Product Officer

Burda Studios Publishing

Boris Trupcevic



Patrick Horton

Managing Director - Sport & Entertainment

Bauer Media Group UK

Maria Țoghină

Journalist and Member of Board of Administration

Radio Romania