Terms and Condition

The following terms and conditions are for the participation of Events (in the following Event, Congress or Award) of the Johann Oberauer GmbH (in the following „Oberauer“).

1.) Coverage

a) For contracts concerning the participation of events of Oberauer the regulations in the registration form (for example printed brochures or online) and the following general contract conditions apply.

b) A contract for the participation of events of Oberauer is only formal after Oberauer has confirmed the registration to the participant in writing.

c) Changes and / or additions to the contract must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are only valid with written confirmation by Oberauer. The same applies to this written form clause.

2.) Submissions

a) Unless otherwise stated, only activities from a period of 1.5 years prior to the submission deadline will be considered.

b) Prerequisite for participation is that the registration fees for the submission have been paid. You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your submission.

c) Submissions can be revoked in writing up to 4 weeks after the submission deadline. The participation fees are due in any case, including withdrawal of the submission.

d) Unless otherwise stated, the first submission will be the submission of a competition entry and the submission will be the submission of the competition entry in any other category. Category-specific adjustments for further submissions are permitted. If an alternative title is chosen for the further submission of the same entry, this will be the first submission.

e) Submissions may be submitted in their own name or on behalf of others. Sponsors may not submit in the category they have accepted.

f) Winners and finalists will be published in connection with the awards. The winners of the categories will be awarded a trophy and a certificate. Finalists receive a certificate.

g) The jury reserves the right to assign submissions to a different category if the category envisaged by the participant is not considered appropriate. The jury is not obliged to award an award in each category.

h) The award of the prizes depends only on the impartial judgment of the jurors. The jury’s decision is final. The result of the judging process remains secret until the award ceremony.

i) The participant assures that the contributions submitted by him and registered for participation do not violate laws, official regulations, other regulations or rights of third parties and that the participant holds the necessary rights for the commissioned participation of the award and grants the organizer accordingly. If Oberauer is claimed by third parties for one of the above-mentioned violations, the participant undertakes to fully indemnify Oberauer from all resulting damages and costs. With the submission the participant accepts the electronic submission of the data within the framework of the jury procedure and the storage in a database with selected submissions.

3.) Tickets

a) The ticket prices include the the dinner, the award ceremony and the drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks) until midnight. The ticket price for the European Newspaper Congress includes soft drinks and snacks.

b) The seats or tables of the award ceremony will be assigned after the date of receipt of the order.

c) Cancellation conditions: A replacement participant can be provided free of charge at any time. Written cancellations are free until 6 weeks before the event. If canceled after this date, a flat rate cancellation fee of 75% of the ticket price (s) will apply. When withdrawing on the day of the event, 100% of the ticket price (s) must be paid. If proof is provided, Oberauer can charge a higher fee than the flat rates. The participant is at liberty to prove that the remuneration payable under the statutory provisions is less than the aforementioned lump sums. To meet the deadline, cancellations must be made in writing by post or e-mail.

d) With the purchase of a ticket, the participant agrees that film and photo recordings of him and his guests may be distributed and published free of charge by Oberauer and the service providers commissioned by Oberauer (for press and advertising purposes and Oberauer’s own media).

e) As a guest of the Awards / Congress, the Participant agrees irrevocably and gratuitously for all current and future media that Oberauer is entitled to create image and / or sound recordings of his person that go beyond the reproduction of an event of current affairs reproduced or transmitted and used in audiovisual media.

f) Should the event be canceled by Oberauer due to important economic or organizational reasons, the organizer will refund the purchase price of the tickets (this does not apply to force majeure), but not the reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs. The organizer points out that there is the possibility to book cancellation-free business tariffs with the transport companies (DB and airlines) or to take out a corresponding insurance.

4.) Prices and Fees

The prices and fees quoted (including cancellation fees) are net. In addition, the statutory VAT is due in each case.

5.) Liability

The liability of Oberauer for damages resulting from contract or tort is limited to intentional misconduct and gross negligence. This does not apply in the event of death or personal injury, breach of cardinal obligations, that is against obligations the fulfillment of which is essential for the proper performance of the contract and for the compliance of which the participant is entitled, and for claims for damages in the event of default. In such cases, Oberauer is also liable in the event of ordinary negligence. Insofar as the liability of Oberauer is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of the employees and authorized representatives of Oberauer. The liability of Oberauer is limited to the damage or loss typically expected under this contract. This restriction does not apply to claims for damages due to intentional misconduct or fraudulent behavior on the part of Oberauer, in cases of liability in connection with expressly assured quality characteristics, claims under the Product Liability Act or in case of damage due to death or personal injury.
Should it come due to force majeure to a delayed beginning of the event or to the complete cancellation of an event, no liability is taken over.

6.) Changes to the course of the events

Oberauer reserves the right to change the course of events, as far as this has no influence on the overall character of the event.

7.) Rejection of a registration

Oberauer is entitled to refuse registration for an event without stating reasons.

8.) Final Terms

As far as a contract with an entrepreneur (§ 14 BGB) is form,

a) the place of jurisdiction is Salzburg

b) the applicable law is Austrian law with the exception of the UN Sales Convention.