European Corporate Media Award

The European Corporate Media Award honors media published on behalf of companies or organizations in the context of Content Marketing. The awarding ceremony will take place at the European Publishing Congress in late April 2020 in Vienna.
The deadline for entries is October 2nd, 2019 (Late Deadline: October 17th, 2019).


European Content Creator of the Year
The category awards excellent and successful content marketing which happens via owned media – and the team of content creators involved. Entries should include a clear suggestion what makes them Content Creators of the Year. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
European Content Innovator of the Year
The most innovative content marketing approach via owned media will be awarded in this category – no matter if it is innovative in terms of content or shape or both. The concept should not be older than three years. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
B2B Client Publishing –
print & digital
Owned Media published by companies or organizations, created for existing or potential B2B clients.
B2C Consumer Publishing – print & digital
Media published on behalf of a company or an organization in order to address consumer audiences.
CSR-related Publishing – print & digital
Social reports, environmental reports etc.: Media that reveal a company’s or organization’s responsibility in society.
IR-related Publishing –
print & digital
Successfully addressing a capital market audience: Please enter company reports – in print or digital – here.
HR-related Publishing –
print & digtal
This category is for media products dedicated to employer branding or recruiting, as well as media for internal communications.
Specials and One-offs –
print & digital
Be it a yearbook, an anniversary publication or any other one-off project: This category recognizes the beauty of concept and professional delivery.
Editorial Concept

Most creative approaches in terms of content and style in Owned Media. Editorial principals should be described, including topics and the successful of the concept.
Content Strategy

This category is about combining and synchronizing content and channels of Owned Media in a perfect way. This category is also for corporate newsroom strategies.
Creative Corporate Media Approach
Particularly innovative and creative approaches of Owned Media strategies and campaigns may be entered here. Please explain what makes them innovative.
Design – print
Best contemporary magazine design published by a company/organization or its service provider. Submissions should explain the design idea and include a minimum of two features from one issue.
Design – digital
Best contemporary digital design published by a company/ organization or its service provider. Submissions should explain the general design idea.
Cover – print
The category awards cover design used in company’s or organization’s printed media. Please submit only one cover per entry.
Pictures and Graphic Design
Best use of visual elements like photography, infographic etc. to reveal magazine content in Owned Media. Submissions should include a brief description of the subject and context – and, if appropriate, the challenge in visualizing the topic.
Animated Content
The category is open for any animated pieces of content used in Owned Media.

Digital Usability
Best practice examples of good usability and user journey of a company’s or organization’s media product should be entered in this category.

Best use of mobile design, content and features in media published by companies or organizations may be entered here.

Social Media
Using Social Media as a part of a company’s or organization’s communication activities.

Corporate Podcast
Stunning podcasts produced and distributed on behalf of companies or organizations.


Clarissa Haller

Head of Group Communications


Soheil Dastyari



Sabine Schröder

Head of Corporate Publishing


Lutz Thalmann

Managing Director

Axel Springer Corporate Solutions

Javier Errera

Errea Comunicacion

Melanie Hart

Managing Director

Serviceplan Campaign & Content

Jürgen Kornmann

Head of Marketing and PR

Deutsche Bahn

Monika Schaller

Executive Vice President Corporate Communications and Responsibility

Deutsche Post

Christian Maertin

Head of Corporate Communications


Marco Bardazzi

Director of Communications


Christian Breid

Managing Director

C3 Creative Code and Content

Daniel Neuen


PR Report


The Jury members will be announced here as soon as the award will be open for entries.