Health and Safety

Your safety is our top priority. Due to the current situation, we are limiting participation to 250 people this year. In addition, we take numerous other measures in order to be able to guarantee distance and safety specifications.


Mouth and nose protection
Mouth and nose protection is mandatory for the entire event. Masks are provided by the organizer and will be handed out on site.

Distance regulation
Please refrain from shaking hands and physical contact. During the entire event a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters must be maintained.

Admission is via two entrances. We will inform you in advance and divide you into two groups. Disinfectant dispensers are located at the entrances. At the entrance the body temperature will be measured. If symptoms of illness are detected, admission will be refused.


Congress area
In order to be able to follow the program safely and with enough free space, every second seat is left free and the rows are occupied like a chessboard. A regular room ventilation is guaranteed.

Exhibitor area
For a safe networking event sufficient space and disinfectants will be provided at each booth. Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly.

Catering area
Several areas are available for catering and consumption. Visitors will be divided in groups in advance to secure enough space and distance. The staff is trained on protective measures and is obliged to wear mouth and nose protection and gloves.

Winners Dinner
Possibilities for hand disinfection will be available. Seats will be assigned in advance to ensure a safe distance. The staff is obliged to wear mouth and nose protection and gloves.

Sanitary facilities
The sanitary facilities will be cleaned more frequently than average. Sufficient hand soap, disinfectants and disposable paper towels will be available and are checked regularly. Please also keep a safe distance at the sanitary areas.


In case of symptoms of illness (cough, fever, rhinitis ...) admission is refused. A suspected person with COVID symptoms will be isolated in a specially reserved ventilated room. According to the Epidemic Law 1950, the organizer has the obligation to report the incident to the health authorities with all contact details as a suspect case, if symptoms can be confirmed. In case of the occurrence of a COVID-19 infection or a COVID-19 suspected case, we will inform you immediately by e-mail.