Ask the experts

Chief editors, media managers, digital experts and PR directors present their concepts and strategies at the European Newspaper Congress. Meet the experts in exclusive one-on-one interviews in our expert lounge.

Hans Spoelman

Head of design and general projectleader

The Dutch business paper `fd’ has completely reinvented itself and could now become the model for many other newspapers. Details from Project Manager and Chief Layouter Hans Spoelman.


Patrick Horton

Managing Director Sports & Entertainment
Bauer Media Group London

Which topics are editorially suitable and how they can be commercialised. Patrick Horton, Managing Director Sports & Entertainment at Bauer Media Group London, reports on his experience in the UK so far and on further plans in the digital audio business.


Sebastian Turner


How the `Tagesspiegel’ in Berlin discovered `Politics & Administration’, `Medicine’, `Science’, `Culture’ and `Digitisation’ and thus became the German capital’s No. 1, is explained by the publisher and Germany's Media Manager of the Year Sebastian Turner.

Marina Haydn

Executive Vice President
The Economist

How readers turn into customers and how we keep them in the digital age, is explained by Marina Haydn, Executive Vice President, The Economist, London.


Julia Maria Bönisch


How does an editor-in-chief have to perform today? Answers from Julia Maria Bönisch, member of the editorial board of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Editor-in-Chief of


Ludwig Zeumer

Managing Director

How does digital transformation succeed in the local newspaper? Naturally, without destroying the old core business and with the claim to make print better. The `Sächsische Zeitung’ has started an exciting pilot project.


Dennis Ballwieser

Managing Directory

The health portal has largely denied the trends in web design or navigation. Even the content was never optimized for Google, only for the users. Everything is aligned to the content needs of the readers. There is also a clear architecture for each individual contribution. CEO Andreas Arntzen and Managing Director Dennis Ballwieser explain their strategy, what works and what was done wrongly in between.

Barnaby Skinner

Head of data journalism

Which programming skills do journalists need in everyday editorial life? Aggregating, cleaning, analysing data that can then be used for stories, infographics, interactive formats - or for automating content such as Tamedia's robot Tobi. More about this from Barnaby Skinner, Head of Data Journalism at Tamedia.

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